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Turku–Salo–Helsinki-Vantaan l.asema


Turku–Salo–Helsingin satamat

Helsinki-Vantaan l.asema–Salo–Turku

Helsingin satamat–Salo–Turku

School bus service in Perniö and Pertteli

Vainio’s school bus service in Perniö and Pertteli in 2019-2020

Vainion Liikenne operates minibuses for school transport in Pertteli and Perniö in 2019–2020.

The Kiho school transport planning service we use sends a personal message to the mobiles of all school children’s guardians.

The message includes a link to a website, which shows the weekly transport timetable for all the children of the guardian in question.

Example of the link:

By clicking the link, you will open a personal website, which shows the transport services in that time period for the child. (in Finnish)