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Ticket information

Single ticket

A single ticket covers a one-way journey bought on board a bus. On our buses, you can use cash or bus tickets sold at Matkahuolto sales points. On our special express services, you can also use debit and credit cards.

Flexi ticket

Vainion Liikenne flexi tickets can be used for scheduled Vainion Liikenne services on the route and day marked on the ticket.

The ticket has to be presented to the driver at the start of the journey. We accept both paper print-out tickets as well as electronic tickets. The paper ticket is handed to the driver.

A ticket is personal and one passenger can travel on one ticket. Passengers must show proof of identity when presenting their ticket.

A flexi ticket does not include a seat reservation. There are no senior citizen or other discounts available for flexi tickets. We do not offer refunds or date changes for flexi tickets.

Children’s ticket

Tickets for under 12-year-olds are half price. Two under-4-year-olds can travel free-of-charge with an adult travelling on a full-price ticket.

Youth ticket

12- to 16-year-olds receive a 50 % discount on all journeys exceeding 60 km.

Student ticket

Students receive a 50 % discount on all journeys exceeding 60 km when presenting a student card with a Matkahuolto (MH) symbol.

65+ ticket

Everyone aged 65 or over receives a discount on journeys exceeding 30 km. Pensioners under the age of 65 receive the same discount by presenting a photo KELA card for national pension recipients or a card from a pension provider with the Matkahuolto (MH) symbol.


Conscripts and civilian servicemen receive a 50 % discount on journeys exceeding 60 km when paying with cash and presenting a conscript or civil service certificate.

Online tickets

You can also purchase a bus ticket on Matkahuolto website at You will also find discounted tickets online. Online tickets can be purchased a maximum of 30 days before the journey. They can be purchased up to 30 minutes before departure. Online tickets are valid only on the day and the service they were purchased for. There are no refunds or exchanges available for online tickets.

Return ticket

The return ticket discount for adults on journeys exceeding 60 km is 10 %. Return tickets must be purchased in advance from Matkahuolto. The ticket for the return leg of the journey is valid for 1 month.

Group ticket

A group of just 3 people receive a 25 % discount on journeys exceeding 60 km. Group tickets must be purchased in advance from Matkahuolto.

CityCity tickets

Matkahuolto’s CityCity ticket is a particularly cheap ticket type for journeys between certain cities and is suitable for those travelling on that route at least twice a month. More information is available on Matkahuolto website.

Travel cards

Those travelling regularly on buses make significant savings by buying a travel card. The card is available from Matkahuolto service points, and passengers can load more journeys on to the card also on board our buses.

A 44-journey annual ticket provides a 25 % discount compared to a single journey ticket. The card is valid for 12 months from purchase.

A 22-journey annual ticket provides a 15 % discount compared to a single journey ticket. The card is valid for 12 months from purchase.

Regional tickets are also available for various different regions. Regional tickets are personal and valid for 30 days from purchase. The ticket provides unrestricted travel within the region in question. The price of the ticket is dependent on the region. More information is available from Matkahuolto or at

Direct fare

When the journey includes a change of bus, the direct fare for pre-purchased tickets on journeys exceeding 80 km is priced on the whole journey. The direct fare for the whole journey is cheaper than tickets purchased separately for each leg of the journey. The tickets with changes sold on our buses are mainly only valid on our services.

Vainion Liikenne prices (PDF)


Ordinary pets can be transported on board our buses accompanied by a person who takes responsibility for the pet, and as long as there is room on the bus. Pets must be placed so that there is minimal disturbance to other passengers. Pets must not be placed on seats, and they must be kept on leash. There is no separate cost for transporting pets. Allergic passengers travelling on the bus have the right to choose their seat first. However, fellow passengers do not have the right to prevent guide dogs from travelling on the bus.


Any normal luggage (a maximum of two suitcases), skis and pushchairs are free-of-charge on our services. A freight charge is applied on goods not listed above.


Bikes are transported at passengers’ own risk and if there is sufficient room for them. Depending on the distance, the cost for transporting a bike is between €4 and €10.

Vainion Liikenne prices (PDF)

Freight goods

Matkahuolto’s parcel service provides national transport solutions. The speed and security of deliveries is based on the scheduled and frequent nation-wide bus network. More than 20,000 scheduled departures daily and approximately 500 Matkahuolto service points across the country guarantee that parcels reach their destination quickly. If there is no Matkahuolto service point in the area, the parcel can be taken directly to the bus.

Vainion Liikenne prices (PDF)


Regular buses stop on all long-distance bus stops (blue sign) when requested to do so.

Express services stop only in the places listed on the timetable and, when requested, on the express service bus stops marked by an express sign.

The special express services are faster than express services and stop only in places listed on the timetable.

Radio use

You can play the radio on our services as long as it does not disturb other passengers. The radio must be turned off if even one passenger requests it.


All our passengers have the right to travel in peace. Our staff must be able to work undisturbed. The bus staff has the right to remove anyone causing disturbance if the person continues to do so after being requested to stop. If the passenger cannot be removed straight away, the bus staff has the right to hold on to the person until it is safe to do so.

Delayed or cancelled service

Passengers must take into account that difficult weather conditions and traffic congestion may cause delays to scheduled travel times. Passengers are also asked to note that there may be changes to schedules on public holidays.

Compensation due to delayed or cancelled services is handled and solved on a case-by-case basis. Customers must contact the bus company directly, if a potential delay or cancellation threatens to incur extra travel expenses to the customer.

The bus company does not take responsibility for additional damages which the passenger could have reasonably avoided.

The bus company is not liable to provide compensation to customers, if the delay or cancellation is due to a force majeure event outside the bus company’s control.


Vainion Liikenne prices (PDF)

Lost property

Items left on our buses are taken to Lost & Found International’s Turku office as soon as possible. You can enquire about your lost property on +358 (0)600 03391. Further information